Stylish Outdoor Furniture for Your Garden

If you want your outdoor space to become a beautiful and inviting area that can be used on days when the sun isn’t shining, you’ll need to invest in some furniture. However, you’ll need to choose the right furniture so you get the effect you want.

In recent years, it seems, outdoor furniture has become much more fashionable as more people are looking to enjoy their garden spaces on the off-days when the sun isn’t shining. It’s become a status symbol to have a fabulous outdoor space, complete with a barbecue, comfortable chairs, tables and loungers, all fitted with cushions and stylish outdoor covers.

However, you may be struggling to find the right furniture to buy for your outdoor space, partly because there is no single definition for what makes a great outdoor space and partly because there are so many different types of furniture available.

The first problem is that there is no hard and fast rule about what makes a great outdoor space. For instance, you could create a fabulous outdoor space by getting together a collection of classic garden benches, a barbecued food display and a hammock set up in a triangular space.

It’s really down to individual taste and to the overall feel of the space that you want to achieve. However, in general you’ll want to aim for a relaxed feeling, with a barbecue and garden furniture that is comfortable to sit on.

Your next step is to select garden furniture that fits the space you’re creating. Because there are so many different types of garden furniture, you’ll need to decide which pieces go into what sections of the space.

* Backyard – For small spaces, you should select barbecues and chairs for your backyard. These can be of wood, plastic or metal and should be fitted with cushions. When you are creating a great backyard space, it’s best to keep it simple, so aim to have a barbecue and chairs fitted in an area away from the house. That way the space will be perceived as having more of a natural look.
* Garden – For larger gardens you should select furniture that has a cushioned seat. This will give you the comfort you need whilst gardening and means you can concentrate on the garden rather than the pain in the neck.
* Lounge & Area – For larger gardens, you should select furniture that is stylish and comfortable. For lounges and areas you should choose plastic chairs and lounges with cushions. Plastic is less durable but more resistant to scratches and fading than wooden or metal garden furniture.

As with anything, there are exceptions to all rules. If you have a large garden or are creating an outdoor living space for your family, you should go for more sophisticated furniture.

However, if you are creating a garden space for your family and friends, there is nothing wrong with simple and comfortable furniture. In fact, it’s more sensible as it allows your friends and family to relax together, whilst preserving the look of the garden.

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