What Are the Types of Accounting Services?


Entrepreneurs need to patronize accounting services if they are to ensure growth. Without keeping adequate and accurate records of the flow of money in and out of a company, business owners won’t be able to measure their successes or failures. They cannot know if it is profit that is being made or loss. Hence it is necessary to know the types of accounting services that are available to them.

Types of Accounting Services

Various accounting services are available to proffer solutions to specific problems. If you are not familiar with them, then you are reading the right guide. You will also get to understand their basic importance. See 6 of them below.

  • Bookkeeping
  • Management accounting
  • Management consulting
  • Tax accounting
  • Forensic accounting
  • Auditing


A certified public accountant (CPA) can play the role of a bookkeeper in an organization. Bookkeepers perform duties ranging from monitoring business financials to ensuring that the records are in line with the bank statements.

Management Accounting

Management accounting is relevant to all business sizes. Growing companies will benefit greatly from this field as they expand. As the name implies, management accountants work closely with managers to record and interpret a company’s financials.

Management Consulting

It may be surprising that management consulting is part of this list. Nonetheless, it is only logical since accountants are experts in financial management. Management consultants act as financial analysts and advisers. They also help managers to review financials and draft reports.

Tax Accounting

Tax accounting is a field that involves so many accounting procedures including (but not limited to) tax preparation, tax planning, and financial tracking. The tax accountant has to perform his/her duties in line with the government tax laws and policies.

Instead of bothering yourself with the complexities of taxation, why not hire someone to take on that role? A skilled tax accountant is assigned to recommend tax solutions to top level management for implementation.

Forensic Accounting

If you understand what a forensic scientist does, then you should have an idea of the tasks that forensic accountants perform. Forensic accounting skills are crucial during times of suspected financial malpractice in a specific time frame. Accountants that specialize in this area solve cases of missing funds, fraud, etc.

Employers need to hire the best talent in this field that their budget can afford. This is if they want the assignment to be executed perfectly as required. The job description also requires a high level of professionalism, so you have to be cautious during the recruitment process. Cases usually deal with sensitive company data.


You may confuse the duties of an auditor with a forensic accountant, but they are not the same. Auditors review financial records. However, you may rarely need their services. Still, it is advisable to hire one to perform periodic checks in order to avoid issues with the Internal Revenue Service.

Make the wise decision for your business by choosing the relevant accounting services. Recruit the right experts to perform these tasks in your organization, or you can outsource roles to an accounting services provider. This decision may be based on your budget and/or business model.

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